The fact that everything is connected, is a

The fact that everything is connected, is a reason why I hold the beliefs I do. When I talk about separation, context is important. It should be obvious what I mean, but instead you try and apply a grand principle to the dichotomy I used to make a point. You didn’t address that point I made, you stated that on a grand scale my premise is wrong. When looking at things there are orders of magnitude. You used a level of magnitude that doesn’t fit the situation.

I started off by validating what you said and then went on to take about how I saw thing. You are not doing the same. What do you think I am talking about?

Again, you make the same mistake as the person I replied to first. As an order of magnitude, looking at time and seeing that historically, as in, the history of humans, which is a much larger time frame than the time frame used to say in recent history of humans in relation to the length of time we have been alive, these are two different things and you have made a misuse of magnitude.

And spare me your facetiousness, ofc I know atheists don’t grow on farms. This comment tells me you are not approaching this conversation in a effort to understand.

Well, that’s not my stance and that is not what I am saying. If you read my other comments in this thread, I give context to what I mean when I talk about being in a dance. My opinion is informed based on what I know, ofc. Part of what I know is different viewpoints on the belief in God or gods. But I am not really following other pantheists/agnostics to see what they believe so that it can inform me on what I believe, which, when/if I did, then I would be playing the same dance that everyone else is.

Well, then I would say the entity first has to have the actual capacity to make a decision on whether they believe in God or not. Animals do not have that capacity.

Again, I would say this is believing in an antithesis.

How does my believes differ from an atheists? We I have been talking about what I believe in this thread. Measure that with what an atheist believes and you will have your answer.

I am not very quick to say what category my beliefs fall into because I don’t think it’s important. In this way, I would say, no, it’s not just a relabeling of something else.

I am not sure how what you are saying conflicts with what I have said. Could you clarify?

I can’t be sure my subjective mappings of reality are any more accurate than anyone else’s.