Nokia Beta Labs Scientists released

Nokia Beta Labs Scientists released new Symbian application  called Nokia 3D World Gaze. It actually looks very cool but it seems to be another gadget app – fancy but not really practical.

How does it work?  

. For example, you are in Münster in Germany and point the phone directly south, you’re likely to see detailed information of Zurich in Switzerland, with the added bonus of being able to see geotagged media in the forms of images. If you’re pointing your phone directly downwards, will show you what’s on the other side of the world.

The application uses compass and GPS from your phone to locate you and direction that you are looking at. Than it gives you possibility to kind of browse the world in this direction by showing data from services such as:

Well… it’s another augmented reality app that is rather cool than actually practical. One year ago everyone was talking about Layar

and how they’d change the world with their augmented reality application. They didn’t. This application is rather fancy gadget to present on even more fancy press conference than a useful tool. But you know what? I like fancy gadgets!!!