(Last Updated On: 26/07/2013)Yes you heard it

(Last Updated On: 26/07/2013)

Yes you heard it right, Pakistan’s first Zombie movie is going to be released soon. The trend of zombie movies have captured Hollywood and other film industries of the world since 2 decades. But Pakistan was yet to produce a Zombie movie, well there is twist in the tail about this Pakistan first Zombie movie that is it a comedy movie. Making fun of horror movies have been very successful as we see many examples of such movie in which horror movies are produced in a funny version.

The most successful of such movie was Scary movie, the movie was so successful that later its parts were also released. Hats off to Umar Mukhtar the director of the movie for coming up with such a fresh approach towards Pakistan cinema. Such movies will really make other film producers in Pakistan to think out of way and come up with fresh approach and get rid of “Gandasa culture”. This movie name “Waking Dead”, the movie is collaboration project of Umar Mukhtar and Muse Dubai. The film has been shot in Dubai with some Dubai based actors and actresses.

Before this movie some horror movies have been pretty much successful in Pakistan like Zibah Khana and Lash. Such new approaches will definitely be useful for the Pakistan film industry. Waking Dead is expected to be released within two months. Some previous great work of Usman Mukhar consists of I Dream a Day, Black Coffee and Aasia. Such projects reveal that Pakistan has got it all but the real problem is to provide opportunities to talent. If Pakistani talent is given a chance to prove themselves then you see individuals like Umar Mukhtar, Arfa Karim and Sharmeen.