(Last Updated On: 29/07/2013)Mathira who is

(Last Updated On: 29/07/2013)

Mathira who is famous for her bold photo-shoots is in the media circles once again for her Josh Condom Ad. Her role in the Ad shows her faithful and obedient housewife who shows glimpse of her sensational looks and sizzling acting in the Ad.

If you watch the Ad for the first time, till the last 5-6 seconds you will not realize what this Ad is all about until finally it is revealed that the Ad was made for condom and not Mathira herself. That totally means that emphasize of the Ad is more upon Mathira and her hot acting and not much on the condom.

In real life scenario, a condom would serve the purpose of safety in sexual relationships but this message is totally ignored in Josh condom Ad featuring Mathira.

Have a look at the Ad yourself and you will be able to decide better what message the Ad actually conveys.

PEMRA asked the TV channel to immediately stop broadcasting this Ad immediately as it is “indecent, immoral and in sheer disregard to our socio-cultural and religious values”, said Fakharuddin Mughal who is the spokesman from PEMRA.

He further said that “airing such immoral advertisement on Pakistani channels and that too in Ramzan warrants serious action”.

The story does not end here because not only the Ad was pinpointed by the social media and loads of people commented negatively on this Ad but soon after the Ad was launched, Mathira was invited to ARY Digital’s live program hosted by Nida Yasir.

In this show Mathira was asked about this Ad and she typically attracted the attention of people by her double meaning dialogues and Mani was also present in the program. Both of them made such a mess of the people’s feelings during Ramzan and that further gave rise to the controversy and now not only the Ad is banned but Mathira is being talked so low on social media and social networking websites. Here is the video featuring Nida Yasir, Mathira and Mani in the show.